Simrad Argus S-Band Radar System

Wheelmark Approval

Simrad Argus S-Band Radar System

The Argus S-Band Radar is perfect for vessels over 3000 gross tonnes who require an S-Band radar (3 GHz radar) as part of their carriage requirements.

The S-Band rounds out the Argus Radar portfolio and completes the Argus offering to reach more vessels. Simrad is currently the only manufacturer who can offer X-Band, S-Band and Broadband.

The S-Band Radar shares the majority of the modular components with the X-Band Argus Radar. The wide screen monitors, keyboard and processor boxes are the same. This makes installation simple and also reduces the amount of spares that need to be kept onboard. Installation activities are further simplified by the fact that there is a simple direct coupling between the transceiver, the rotary joint and the antenna -this also minimises the RF loss between the transceiver and antenna, so increases overall performance. Like the X-Band, the interface with the console uses a single connector ended cable that allows radar controlling and tuning remotely from the radar display without having to open the radar case.

The Argus S-Band System comes with a performance monitor, keyboard, core unit and includes 100 target ARPA plus 300 AIS targets -there are no hidden costs.

  • Shared components with Argus X-Band reduce onboard spares and assures availability with our world-wide after sales and service network
  • Standard configuration includes performance monitor, 100 target ARPA plus 300 AIS targets - no hidden costs
  • Modular and solid state construction
  • Low noise amplifier providing a reduced overall noise figure
  • Separate processor, monitor and operation panel
  • IMO approved
  • Seamless use of up to four antennas combining X and S band with interswitching capability
  • Long life 3rd generation cermamic magnetron (30 Kw)
  • Performance monitor included
  • 19", 23" or 26"widescreen LCD TFT desk top or flush mounting monitors
  • Optional Advanced Oil Spill, Ice Detection and Small Target Detection special application software add-ons available


 27'' Widescreen TFT Monitor

27'' Widescreen TFT

Argus Radar Scanner

Argus Radar Scanner

Wheelmark Approval
  • Designed for new Navigation Radar Standard IEC 62388
  • Approved for IMO vessels
  • Pedestal with built-in 12 kW or 25 kW transceiver
    supports 6’ and 9’ antennas
  • Gyro-Interface
  • Easy installation. The radar cable snaps on from the
    outside ensuring quick, easy and trouble free installation.
  • Electronic Modulator based on mosfet technology
  • Long life 3rd generation magnetron (12 kW and 25 kW)
  • Serial link with telemetry and remote control for adjustments
  • Built-in test facilities for power supply
    and modulator parameters
  • Performance Monitor
  • Separate processor, monitor and operation panel
  • 40 target ARPA feature as standard
  • 200 target AIS feature as standard
  • Wide screen color monitor option
  • Significantly larger target presentation area
  • Seamless use of up to four antennas
  • Optional Advanced Oil Spill and Ice Detection Software

Argus Docking Radar




Argus Radar Short Range Detection Principle

The new Simrad Argus Radar System for the professionals

The ARGUS Radar fully complies and exceeds IMO recommendations which comprises the best radar signal processing on the market today. With Wide Screen presentation as standard ARGUS makes Dual Radar presentation, True Zoom and Real-time Dual Range seem normal and the minimum you should expect from a professional radar.

Up to three video inputs may be controlled by the ARGUS radar system per monitor. The ARGUS system is, of course, also type approved for High Speed Craft (HSC) which very often utilise this feature.

With Built-in electronic Inter-switch, ARPA and performance monitor there are no hidden add-on costs in the ARGUS system pricing - simply the best marine radar money can buy.

Radar Approvals
EC Marine Equipment Directive (MED)    United States Coast Guard (USGC)    China Classification Society (CCS)
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS)    Shipping Register of Ukraine
FCC    ISO 9001


Radar Display FAR-2xx7


Wheelmark Approval


  • LCD display providing crisp radar images
  • Designed to comply with SOLAS carriage requirements for ships below 10,000 GT
  • Advanced signal processing for improved detection in rough sea
  • Automatic plotting/tracking of 100 targets manually or automatically acquired
  • Displays 1000 AIS symbols
  • Easy operation by customizable function keys, trackball/wheel palm module and rotary controls
  • Low spurious magnetrons meeting ITU-R unwanted emission standards
  • Up to four radars can be interswitched in the network without an extra device
  • Kombinierbar mit den FURUNO Monitoren MU-190 oder MU-231