NSS Family NSS Family NSS 12 NSS GoFree

NSS | Sport

6.4, 8 and 12.1-inch touchscreen multifunction displays bringing powerful performance system options to recreational boaters.

  • Extreme Ease of Use Navigation made quicker and easier than any competitive system
    • Simple smart phone style icons
    • Tap, Touch & Swipe Gestures
    • Context sensitive menus
  • Touch Sensible™ Technology Developed specifically for the marine environment for outstanding functionality in any sea state
    • Touchscreen menus and positioning
    • Rotary controller for smooth, precise adjustments
    • Minimalist keypad for repeated operations
  • Bright Unique LED backlighting technology
    • Bright, clear, highly visible display
    • Reduces power consumption
    • Increases product life
  • Powerfully Fast Charting Navigate effortlessly with premium cartography
    • Fingertip panning
    • Touch to mark waypoints and easily build routes
    • Premium Navionics cartography
  • Expandable Network multiple displays and Simrad performance modules
    • NSS, NSE, NSO systems
    • Radar options
    • Echosounders & StructureScan® HD
    • AIS, GPS and heading sensors
  • Full Control and Integration Add fully innovative vessel control options
    • Complete autopilot control and integration
    • NMEA2000® engine and tank instrumentation
    • SonicHub® audio server
    • CZone Digital Switching & smart boat systems