Simrad Broadband 4G™ Radar

  • Beam Sharpening
  • More Range
  • Dual Range
  • High Speed Mode
  • Advanced Target Detection

Broadband 4G™ Radar-Funktionen:

  • Beam Sharpening: Broadband 4G™ Radar is the only dome radar in the world to employ beam sharpening, which allows you to control the level of target separation, so you can see the sharpest images possible when you need them most.
  • More Range: 50% more true range than Broadband 3G™ Radar. Now you can see crystal clear targets up to 32nm away and inside strong storm cells more than 17nm away.
  • Dual Range: Capable of displaying Dual Range radar combination when combined with an NSE or NSO system. Monitor targets from 200 feet to 32nm from a single dome and view up to 20 MARPA targets.
  • High Speed Mode: Select 48 RPM for almost instant updating at less than 1nm.
  • Advanced Target Detection: Increased target detection with directional clutter rejection and sidelobe suppression.
  • Crystal Clear Image - Fantastic for tight manoeuvres in marinas or in conditions of limited visibility
  • Automatic Clarity - Proven auto Harbour and Offshore modes
  • MARPA Target Tracking - Track up to 10 targets (Requires a heading sensor)
  • Dual Guard Zones - Protect yourself from more angles
  • InstantOn™ - Solid-state technology produces an immediate, accurate on-screen image unlike normal warm-up times associated with magnetron pulse radars
  • Low Power Consumption - Ideal for boats of any size, sail, cruise or fish
  • Extremely Low Emissions - Safer than any other radar currently on the market and emitting less radiation than a mobile phone allowing it to be mounted anywhere
  • Quick Installation - No reason to open the dome, no tune or zero mile adjustment, and no radar-licensed technician required