ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display and Information System

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Simrad E5024 ECDIS Simrad E5024 ECDIS Wheelmark Approval

The Simrad E5024 ECDIS system is an IMO type-approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels including large passenger ships, tankers, and cargo ships subject to the ECDIS Carriage Mandate. Ideal for vessels required to retrofit ECDIS to meet amended SOLAS requirements, the modular E5024 ECDIS system offers simple installation in either single-station or dual-station (PLECDIS) configurations.

  • 24-inch, Full-HD 16:9 widescreen for large, clear charts
  • Wireless trackball controller with on-screen keyboard
  • Radar, AIS & ARPA overlay
  • Designed for Navtor ENCs including UKHO (for AVCS), and Primar
  • Third-party chart support with S-57 and S-63 import
  • Choose between S-52 and INT1 chart presentation
  • Supports AIO (Admiralty Information Overlay)
  • Simple dual-station PLECDIS option
Simrad CS68 ECDIS 24'' Wheelmark Approval
  • Available in both 19” (well-suited to retrofits, will fit many existing 19” monitor cut outs) and 24” monitor sizes (modern16:9 widescreen provides a larger usable chart area than traditional displays)
  • Integrated design allows for easy, cost- effective setup in new builds or retrofit installs, helps to minimise ship downtime for service
  • Cost-effective IMO approved* Track Steering functionality when combined with a Simrad AP80 autopilot
  • Simple dual-station PLECDIS (Paperless ECDIS) option with just a single cable between units
  • Designed for Jeppesen Cartography ENCs, with multiple licensing options available
  • Standard QWERTY keyboard and panel-mount trackball provide simple interface while allowing fast and accurate data entry
  • Familiar user interface for existing Simrad CS68 operators
  • Dual 24V DC/110-240V AC power supplies built-in